Collapsed peatland when permafrost thaws, Tavvavuoma in northern Sweden. Photo: Britta Sannel.
Collapsed peatland in Tavvavuoma, northern Sweden. Photo: Britta Sannel.

Britta Sannel at the Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University, is one of the co-authors of a new study, led by Texas A&M University and the University of Exeter. The study examines the role of peatlands in the global carbon budget over time, and the scientists predict that peatlands will shift from being a carbon sink to a source during this century.

The multidisciplinary team of 69 scientists have analyzed existing research and surveyed 44 leading experts to project future carbon uptake and emissions from peatlands around the world in a changing climate.

- Instead of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing the carbon in the ground, peatlands may in the future emit large amounts of carbon as greenhouse gases and further strengthen global warming, says Britta Sannel.

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