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Are you driven by curiosity and challenges? Reach new levels and grow as an educator by becoming a PhD student at the Department of Teaching and Learning.

The Department of Teaching and Learning is an interdisciplinary research environment. Our researchers are specialized towards teaching and learning in preschool, elementary, secondary and upper secondary school as well as higher education.

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Our main research subjects

We offer Phd studies in the following subject areas:

Language Education

Language Education is a broad multidisciplinary subject. Research in this area is concerned with language, literature, language teaching and language learning from preschool to adult education.

Mathematics Education

Mathematics Education research is the systematic study of the many facets of mathematics as a subject of teaching and learning in current society. The research at the department covers all the levels of the educational system.

Science Education

Science Education includes research in the school subjects of science education and science faculty subjects e.g. biology, physics, chemistry and geoscience.

Teaching and learning with Specialisation in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Education

Teaching and learning with Specialisation in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Education is research in music education, visual arts education, applied drama, history education, religious education, social science education and geography education.


Research Schools

The Department of Teaching and Learning participate in several national and regional research schools:

ASSESS Doctoral School - Assessment of Knowledge in Educational Systems 

FoBoS - National Graduate School in Visual Art and Sloyd Education 

RelMaS - Relevancing mathematics and science education. National graduate school for teacher educators 

ReMath - Researching Practice-Based Mathematics Teacher Education 

SEMLA - Learning, teaching and assessment of Swedish and English. Multilingualism as an asset and a challenge 

ÄdFo - Forskarskola med ämnesdidaktisk inriktning (in Swedish)


PhD Student positions

Available PhD Student positions at Stockholm University are posted online with information on the application process:

PhD Student positions 

Eligible for admission in our PhD programs are students who fullfil both general entrance requirements and our specific entrance requirements. Read more:

PhD studies at Stockholm University 

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