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Katarzyna Maria TwarógDoktorand

Om mig

My name is Katarzyna Twaróg, but I go by Kasia.  I am currently a PhD candidate at Stockholm University’s Department of Education.  I have also acquired a Master’s here at SU in International and Comparative Education (ICE) which was a great way for me to explore my research interests.  For my master’s thesis I explored how inclusion, particularly related to cultural inclusion, is approached at a faculty of Education in the Czech Republic.  I worked with theories within the critical pedagogy and critical multicultural realm.  Now, for my PhD project I am also interested in teachers. I will be looking into identity formation of English speaking international (ESI) teachers working within Stockholms län. I hope to conduct a population-wide study, gaining input from all ESI teachers working in all English profile schools (including municipal, free-schools, and private) in order to give a voice within identity research to a teacher group which has not yet been studied. My general research interests are adult learning and philosophical and critical perspective in education which are also the names of the two research groups which I am a part of.

Titel: Addressing idenity formation of English speaking teachers in Sweden, case study of Stockholm Region. 

Huvudhandledare: Staffan Nilsson, Stefan Lund, Anna Nørholm Lundin