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Where to find course literature? Where are the study spaces in the library? Below you will find information that can be useful for you as a new student.

In the library you will find relevant literature for your studies. The library also has a large number of study spaces.

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The university card is your library card

As a student, your university card is your library card. You must order a university card to be able to borrow books from the library.

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Order a university card here


Find your course literature

You can find course literature in the library. The course literature is available either in our textbook section, or digitally. You can search our website to find out where the literature is located.


More information on borrowing from the library

Borrowing - how to get started

How to borrow and order

You will find the course literature on the entrance floor of the library. The literature is not sorted according to subject, but rather alphabetically, either by author’s name, or by book title. All course literature has a guaranteed loan period of 7 days.


(Video in Swedish with English subtitles.)


The library catalogue contains a few Swedish words, even if you change the language settings to English. Here is a list of translations.

Both articles and e-books can be found by searching the library’s website. You must have activated your university account to be able to read articles and e-books. You do not need to have your university card to search for articles and e-books.

How to search for articles

How to search e-books


Studying in the library

Many students choose to sit and study in the library. You can find a large number of study spaces in the library. Join student Eldar on a tour of Frescati Library and learn where the course literature is kept, where to borrow and return books, and where you can sit and study.



Find your way in the library

Study in the library


Below you will find links to further information which can be good to know as a new student at the university.

The university's tips for a smooth start

Get help with study technique and writing at the Academic Writing Service



Are you wondering about something? If so, please feel free to contact us at the library. You can also find many answers to previous questions in our question forum.

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