The Linnaeus-Palme exchange programme aims to promote long-term mutual collaboration between universities in Sweden and in developing countries, which will in turn enhance the quality of education as more perspectives and new knowledge are added or replaced. The ultimate aim of Linnaeus-Palme is to raise the quality of higher education by integrating global perspectives in learning. The programme is administered by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) and funded by Sida.

Linnaeus-Palme provides teachers and students in first- and second-cycle courses and programmes opportunities for exchange experiences. Students who would like to participate in the Linnaeus-Palme programme should turn to their department, as the departments select which students may go on an exchange.

The two parts of the programme

As the name suggests, the program consists of two parts - Linnaeus and Palme. The first part, Linnaeus, represents Swedish teachers and students while Palme stands for teachers and students in the partner countries.

Possible activities

The program includes:

  • student exchanges
  • teacher exchanges
  • other activities, such as language classes prior to a teacher exchange, evaluation trips, workshops, themed seminars, digital initiatives or other capacity building or partnership-strengthening activity
  • visa travel for Palme participants

Students participating in exchanges must be enrolled at undergraduate or advanced level at one of the participating departments.


The programme is a complement to other international collaborations and exchange programmes at the university and does not provide comprehensive funding. Self-financing is required from participating institutions, for example, for the teachers' payroll costs, but also for indirect costs. Hence, the head of department needs to approve that an application is submitted. Funds are awarded in the form of flat-rate.

A partnership may be granted finding for up to eight project rounds, but the application is valid for three semesters at a time and is renewed every year.

Information about finances and grants can be found on Universitets- och högskolerådet's website. 

The application

It is the department at Stockholm University that prepares the project application and is operationally responsible for the cooperation. Each project application is assessed separately and it is not possible to refer to a previous application.

The application for funding consists of:

  • the department's project application
  • a framework application of all project applications

1. The department completes its project application at Universitets- och högskolerådet's database.

2. The department e-mails two documents to the Linnaeus-Palme Coordinator at the Student Services

  • the application overview 
  • an approval from the head of department (as the program does not cover all costs.)

3. The responsible person at the Student Services writes a framework application and makes sure the Director, Student Services, signs it.

4. When the framework application has been signed by the Director of the Student Services a copy is e-mailed to the department.

5. The department attaches a copy of the signed framework application to the project application.

Call for applications 2021

The call for application 2021 is cancelled due to Covid-19. The next application will open in spring 2022.  

Deadline for sending the project overview and approval from head of department to the Student Services: will be updated early 2022.

Deadline for project application: will be updated early 2022. In the 2020 application round the deadline was 14th of April 2020, 12:00.

Reporting granted projects

Reporting is done by the department in the same database as the application was made.

Contact seminars

Universitets- och högskolerådet regularly organises contact seminars. The seminars enable universities to come into contact with non-European universities in order to establish future collaborations. Upcoming seminars are advertised on

Funding for participants with disabilities

If participants need special educational support or adaptations during their time abroad, it is possible to apply for funding for the additional costs that may arise.

More information can be found here.

Linnaeus-Palme planning

In addition to Linnaeus-Palme partnership, it is possible to apply for funding for planning the project.

More information can be found here (only Swedish).

More information about Linnaeus-Palme partnership

Linnaeus-Palme partnership.


Contact Madelene Henriksgård at the Student Services.