What can you do?

Staff mobility allows you to participate in so-called job shadowing, which involves following a colleague to see how they perform their work. You do not carry out any work yourself.
In addition, you can attend courses, seminars, and workshops, which must constitute professional development related to your own work, not general knowledge or in an specific academic subject area (not related to research). Examples include courses organised by EAIE and workshops organised by a network of universities with an Erasmus University Charter (EUC). You can also apply for funding to participate in a Staff Training Week.

The following conditions apply to participation in this activity:

  • You are an employee at Stockholm University.
  • Your the Head of Department or equivalent must approve the mobility period.
  • The mobility period: Minimum stay: 2 days. Maximum stay: 5 days (excluding travel time).
  • The mobility activity should be carried out in a single location for a continuous period of time.
  • You must submit a report within one month after the end of the mobility period.
  • You will retain your salary during the mobility period.

Eligible countries

The 27 EU countries including Oversea Countries and Territories (OCT), the EEA countries Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, Serbia as well as Turkey and Republic of North Macedonia.


The funding from the Erasmus+ programme is only intended as a contribution and may not cover all expenses for the trip.  It is important that you agree with your unit manager/head of department on the costs of the exchange, in the event that they exceed the allocated grant, as well as whether or not you should receive subsistence allowance.

Grant amount

The Erasmus grant will be paid to the department and consists of two parts:

1. Standardised amount
The size of the Erasmus+ grant for hotel and subsistence depends on the country and travel distance (see the table below). Travel days can be reported as working days if they are directly connected to the work period. Travel days on the first or the last day of the mobility do not count as extra travel days. 

2. Standardised amount
The travel grant is determined by the travel distance (as the crow flies). Distances are calculated in one direction, but the amounts below apply to round trips: Erasmus+ distance calculator. Please note that no travel grants are paid for distances less than 100 km as the crow flies.

Green Travel Grant
Participants who choose a low-emission travel to the host university and back home can apply for a Green Travel Grant. The entire journey must be made by low-emission means of transport. Low-emission means of transport include: Train, bus, carpooling (two people or more). 

Staff who choose for a green travel will receive up to four days of additional individual support to cover travel days for a return trip which takes longer than one day (2 days before and 2 days after the mobility). 

If your costs exceed the grant amount, they will be paid by your department. If the full amount is not used, the remaining funds will be awarded to the department.

When do you have to apply?

Applications can be handed in at any time and decisions will be delivered within two weeks after submission of the application. For example, if you submit an application by 1 October, you will receive a decision by 15 October.


Erasmus funds are limited and only a limited number of applications can be granted

  • First come, first serve
  • A maximum of one application in the academic year
  • A maximum of one to two people from the same institution/section can apply for the same trip.


As an employee at Stockholm University, you will have business travel insurance through Kammarkollegiet. An insurance card will be provided by your department. Do not forget to also order a European insurance card from Försäkringskassan.