Seminar: Svante Fischer


Date: Wednesday 5 October 2022

Time: 15.00 – 17.00

Location: Room 334

Svante Fischer (Uppsala): ‘The Late Roman and Early Byzantine Solidi of Scandinavia (LREBS) - Project Presentation’. 

Join via Zoom:

A new research project/publication series at the Stockholm Numismatic Institute:
Stockholm Studies in Late Roman and Early Byzantine Solidus Coinage
This new research project to be published at the Stockholm Numismatic Institute aims at presenting the Late Roman and Early Byzantine solidus finds from Scandinavia and elsewhere. Project manager and assistant editor is Svante Fischer, while Professor Jens Christian Moesgaard of the Stockholm Numismatic Institute serves as senior editor. The project is expected to finish in 2036.

The project will be carried out in close collaboration with international scholars specializing in solidus finds in the Mediterranean. A key feature of the project is to address the question of survivorship bias. The amount of solidus finds in any given region must always be compared with the total recorded amount of gold finds and/or find coins. This will allow a more empirical approach where earlier theories regarding precious metal import can be verified or dismissed.

Minor regions, hoards and important collections are to be published in the peer-reviewed Occasional Papers series. Here, two earlier publications in the Uppsala University JAAH series, no. 28 and 30, on the Stiernstedt Ancient Coin Collection and the solidi of Scania, respectively, can be seen as standardized models. Forthcoming occasional papers will treat the solidus finds from the Swedish provinces of Blekinge and Småland.

More important regions and hoards will be published in the Monographs series in printed volumes. Forthcoming monographs will deal with the Como hoard in Lombardy, Italy but also key Scandinavian provinces such as Öland and Gotland.