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We will offer light lunch on 1 and 2 October (included in the conference fees). In regard to the pandemic context the conference is taking place in we have decided to divide the group of delegates into several sub-groups during lunches and coffee breaks. You will receive a color code assigning you to a sub-group with an equally color-coded lunch room.

Additionally, we will offer a ‘walking lunch’. You can pick up your sandwiches and follow our staff members on a walk over our beautiful campus during the lunch break. For the ‘walking lunch’ you do not need to follow the color codes, but we still recommend to keep a bit of a distance while walking and talking.


In collaboration with Unga Klara, the internationally acclaimed theatre for young audiences, we have organized a special performance night for our ANTS21 delegates on 1 Oct., 7pm. You can purchase tickets at a prize of 150 SEK. If you are interested in participating, please transfer the amount of 150 SEK to our conference account:

-       International delegates use IBAN
Bank: Danske Bank, Norrmalmstorg1, 11146 Stockholm, Sweden
Bank account: 12810117756
IBAN: SE1612000000012810117756
Please don’t forget to give the reference:
Reference: 106/5539201 – Ticket Unga Klara
-       Swedish delegates use Bankgiro
Bankgiro 5050-0206 (Danske Bank)
Please don’t forget to give the reference:
Reference: 106/5539201 – Ticket Unga Klara

Unga Klara & Uppsala Stadsteater

They will drown in their mothers' tears (De kommer att drunkna i sina mödrars tårar)

Foto från Unga Klara. De kommer att drunkna i sina mödrars tårar.
Astrid Kakuli, Nina Rashid. Foto Mats Bäcker. Unga Klara.

It all starts with a terrorist attack. Three young Islamists break into a comic book store. Armed with bomb vests and machine guns they plan on killing a cartoonist known for his provocative caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. The attack fails, and two of the terrorists die. The third survives and is placed in a forensic psychiatric institution. She claims that she comes from the future - a future where the terrorist attack succeeded and led to a fascist Sweden. Two years after the attack a well-known author visits the girl in the institution. The girl hands the author a bundle of paper, where she has written a peculiar story.

The future that the girl in the institution depicts is a dystopia where the Swedish authority forces the citizens to sign a citizen contract that makes it illegal to eat kosher or halal and to own certain books. If you break the contract you become an Enemy of Sweden and get placed in a camp, to be assimilated. The only food served in the camp is pork. If you try to escape, you die.
The novel "They will drown in their mothers' tears" by Johannes Anyuru is a science fiction thriller about hope and hopelessness in today's Europe, about friendship and betrayal, and about the mechanisms of terror and fascism. The book, released in 2017, was a big success among both critics and readers, was rewarded with Augustpriset, and has been translated to many different languages.

Playwright and director Farnaz Arbabi, who previously have dramatized stories from a historical perspective, now moves to theories of the future. What does the tomorrow we create today look like? What can we learn from looking backward and forward in time? Is it possible to time travel and thereby stop a catastrophe from happening? They will drown in their mothers' tears portray the fear many of us feel about the growing populism and extremism. It is a highly topical story about nationalism, fear, and radicalization. They will drown in their mothers' tears is a collaboration with Uppsala Stadsteater.