PhD Studies at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics

At the Department of Culture and Aesthetics there are five research subjects with postgraduate studies, Art History, History of Ideas, Literature, Musicology or Theatre and Performance studies. The department offers a dynamic interdisciplinary research environment for post graduate research, in which the PhD students are active both within their subjects and in interdisciplinary activities. There are around 50 active PhD students at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics.

Caspar David Friedrich: Chalk Cliffs on Rügen. Kunst Museum Winterthur Wikimedia Commons.

As a PhD student you will be contributing to the research from Stockholm University and to the research environment at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics. The doctoral studies include writing an independent thesis. The purpose of the thesis is to contribute to the development of knowledge in your subject area.

The postgraduate studies at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics consists of four years of fulltime studies with employment: The writing of a doctoral thesis (180 ECTS credits) and PhD courses (60 ECTS credits). The PhD position can be combined with other work at the department and will then be prolonged with a fifth year.

As a PhD student you are expected to participate actively in the higher seminars at the department, and to contribute to the creative research environment. The PhD council at the department oversees the working environment for the PhD students, as well as arranging activities for the PhD students at the department.

PhD positions are advertised in coordination with the Faculty of Humanities at Stockholm University. The director of postgraduate studies within each subject will provide information about advertisements of PhD posisitons.

Regulations for Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Humanities


When a position as a PhD student at the department falls vacant, the appointment will be advertised on the Stockholm University website. This occurs in conjunction with other applications to the university (March 15 and September 15), but not necessarily every semester and every year. Keep an eye on the website, and please contact the department if you are interested in applying for PhD studies.

PhD Student Positions at the Stockholm University website

Your application needs to clearly state your credentials and show that you have good prospects to benefit most from the programme. A well thought out, practical and interesting dissertation plan is important to the overall impression.

The specific entry requirement for admission to PhD studies at Stockholm University is a completed Magister or Master's Degree in one of our fields of study or equivalent at the time of application.

For general entrance requirement for PhD programmes at Stockholm University, please see here


In order to enter the PhD programme, you must have secured funding for the whole duration of the programme. Usually, a position in the PhD programme is tied to a PhD employment at the department. The duration of a PhD employment is four years including three years of research and at one year of course work. The holder of a PhD employment qualifies for the standard Swedish social benefits. It is also possible to enter the PhD programme with external funding, for instance a scholarship.


Each semester we offer PhD courses at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics.

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Director of PhD Studies
Research Officer of PhD Studies
Administrator of PhD Studies

The research subject's directors of postgraduate studies

Art History: Anna Bortolozzi,

History of Ideas: Victoria Fareld,

Literature: Carin Franzén,

Musicology: Johanna Ethnersson Pontara,

Theatre and Performance studies: Tiina Rosenberg,

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