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Stockholm University Staff website


In case of emergency and crisis

SOS Alarm: 112
Security: 08-16 22 16
Security after office hours: 08-16 42 00
Reserve number security: 08-15 42 00

Security and crisis management at Stockholm University

Defibrillators (AED)

There are three automated external defibrillators in the Geoscience building:

  • House U, floor 2 (at the entrance to the former Geo Library)
  • House Y, floor 2 (between rooms Y20 and Y21)
  • House S, floor 2 (at the entrance to house S, opposite the caretaker/vaktmästeriet)



Technical-administrative staff

In order for the researcher to be able to research and disseminate their knowledge, and for the teacher to be able to teach we need a competent administration and functioning service team. A competent support organization that develops and builds learning platforms, analyzes finances, maintains premises and builds communication channels.

Financial, HR, caretaker, technician, IT

Head of administration

Madeleine Karpegård,

Finance Manager, budget, research applications, contracts, contact with SU-management, work environment oversight, ergonomics, procurement & purchasing

Financial administration

Functional address,

Invoices, travel & expense bills, wellness receipts, project administration, salary apportionment on projects, Bolin Centre

HR administration

Susanna Blåndman,

Management support, employment decisions, part-time employment (not teachers), vacancies, occupational health care, recruitment, PhD management, room assignment, general HR

Archives and diary

Functional address,

Registration of official communication, archiving

Communication, webb

Functional address,

NG’s web, Athena, Kompassen, Moodle, NG’s social media, filming & editing, Photo archive, SUKAT

Janitor services

Functional address,

Post, keys & access cards, nameplates, preparation of rooms & review of corridors, maintenance requests, support in classrooms

IT administration

Functional address,

Support & purchase of all IT equipment, software & cellphones incl subscription, licenses, storage & license servers, support in computer lab & technology (sound & image) in auditoriums/classrooms

Laboratory responsible

Martina Hättestrand,

Chemistry lab, microscope room, microscope lab, inorganic lab, OSL lab, sea-sediment lab, lab. security officer, research repository, flammable goods, chemicals


Education administration

Director of studies, lower level

Functional address,

Responsible of the education on basic (bachelor) and advanced (master) level.

Director of studies, PhD level

Helle Skånes,

Responsible of the education on PhD level.

Study councellors

Advanced level: Maria Damberg,

Basic level: Elisabeth Sturesson,

Study planning for students, questions about admission and eligibility, exchange studies, credit transfers.

Student office

Information to students, registrations, handling exams, reporting grades. There are four student offices, who handles which course/programme..

Exam invigilators

Sophie Trygger,

Responsible for booking of exam invigilators.

Sceduling and room booking

Functional address,

Updates and handles schedules in TimeEdit, booking of rooms.


Which rooms are available or booked today? See "today's schedule".

Meeting rooms and equipment

Booking of the meeting rooms Navarino, Tarfala and Ymer is done via TimeEdit and is done by yourself. Go to "Staff" via the TimeEdit link below. There you will also find the booking of computers and tablets.


For other rooms (lecture rooms, computer labs etc.) and to change something in course schedules, please contact

Schedule (for courses)

To get the schedule to end up in TimeEdit and to get rooms booked for the course schedule, create a schedule (for example in Excel) for the course and then send it to Please provide the course code, otherwise the schedule cannot be booked.

You can get a schedule template to start from, by downloading the previous schedule from TimeEdit. Save the schedule on your own computer (in Excel) before start changing. You do not need to put any effort making the schedule to look nice because the appearance of the schedule is different when it is published on the web.

When the schedule is entered/changed in the TimeEdit database, you get back a link, a shortcut, to the schedule. Check and report any errors. The link can be saved as a bookmark / favorite in the browser. It is always up to date and does not need to be changed even if the schedule changes. Students receive the schedule via this link before the start of the course. The schedule is also automatically available in Athena. Avoid printing or saving as a pdf, as the schedule may then become obsolete.

Teaching rooms/labs at the department

Room/Lab Seats
U26 36
U29 50
U36 36
U37 36
Y23 36
Högbomsalen (lecture hall) 61
DeGeersalen (lecture hall) 108
U30 (computer lab) 16
U31 (computer lab) 20
U32 (computer lab) 16
U33 (computer lab) 20
T229 (computer lab) 20
U14 (hydrological/geomorfological lab)  
T105 (soil lab)  
T110 (microscopy lab)  


Beside these rooms, there are also following rooms in Geovetenskapens hus (with a note of responsible department/unit):

  • Y21, Y22 (Human geography)
  • U12, Y10, Y12, Y13 (Environmental science)
  • U10, U13, U27, U28, Y11, William-Olssonsalen (Department of geolocical sciences)
  • Nordenskiöldsalen, Ahlmannsalen, U11 (Fastighetsavdelningen/Servicecenter)
Binoculars at the Navarino facility in Peleponnesos, Greece
Binoculars at the Navarino facility in Peleponnesos, Greece

The goal for the university is to reduce the negative environmental impact and increase the positive one. Negative impacts occur when, for example, we travel on business or do not take environmental considerations into account when purchasing. We create the positive when we educate or disseminate knowledge on issues within the environment and sustainable development.

The slogan "it should be easy to be environmentally friendly" is central to the university's environmental work. That is why we have gathered important information and good links here.

The Environmental Committee prepares environmental issues for the department board and prepares and handles the Environmental Action Plan, which is submitted to the board.

The department's environmental preparation consists of:

  • Martina Hättestrand, Environmental Representative
  • Erik Hansson
  • Moa Holmlund
  • Rolf Jacobson
  • Malin Stenberg

Trouble and errors regarding furniture, equipment, lighting, doors, classrooms, ventilation:

Contact janitor services,

Trouble and errors regarding computers, printers / copiers:

Contact IT,


Business related travels, field work or excursions with students needs a risk analys prior to departure.

Risk analysis travel



The Athena learning platform is used for most courses. Documentation and guides for using Athena can be found in




Link to the department's file server "Urian". For access to various folders and questions about Urian, contact IT,



Some distance courses use the Moodle learning platform. If you have questions about Moodle, please contact

Rolf Jacobson,



Primula is the university's HR system. Here you can see pay slips, apply for leave and vacation, report sick leave, see employment history and report side jobs.


Other support systems

On the employee website, there is a list of all support systems.

Support systems





Stockholm University is to be characterised by its excellent environment for work and study. All employees and students shall be treated equally and with respect. At Stockholm University we shall jointly safeguard our work and study environment. A good environment enables creative development and excellent outcomes for work and study.

At Stockholm University, victimisation, harassment associated with discrimination on any grounds and sexual harassment are unacceptable and must not take place. Victimisation, harassment and sexual harassment all jeopardise the affected person's job satisfaction and chances of success in work or study. As soon as the university becomes aware that someone has been affected, action will be taken immediately.

Read more at the staff webpage

Work environment

It is the head of department who has the main responsibility for the work environment at the department.

Local council for work environment and equal treatment

The department has a local council for work environment and equal treatment. The council works with work environment issues and develop action plans (which are then decided by the department board). The council consists of the following persons:

  • Madeleine Karpegård (Chair)
  • Susanna Blåndman
  • Maria Damberg
  • Josefin Thorslund Eriksson
  • Erik Hansson
  • Martina Hättestrand
  • Jerker Jarsjö
  • Stefano Manzoni
  • Johan Skantz
  • + two student representatives

Work environment representative / Safety representative

The department has two working environment representatives, Erik Hansson and Margareta Hansson.

The working environment representative / safety representative is the employees' representative in working environment issues and they have the task of safeguarding a good work environment.

According to the Swedish Work Environment Act (AML), the work environment representative monitor the safety and works against ill health and accidents, participate in the planning of new or changed premises, work processes, working methods as well as in the planning of use of substances that can cause illness or accidents. The work environment representative must also participate in the preparation of action plans within the systematic work environment work. The work environment representative has the right to work with work environment issues during his or her working hours.

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