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We want you who study with us to learn a lot during your time here. Therefore, we have gathered the most important things that you should know here so you can devote yourself to your studies. If you do not find the information you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

Sara Cousins ​​with two students in the field. Photo by Regina Lindborg.
Sara Cousins ​​with two students in the field. Photo by Regina Lindborg.

IT for students - Digital tools, software and services

On IT for students you can find information about IT for students. Learn about digital tools and services, how to get access to wifi, IT support, computer rooms and a lot more.

Digital tools and services is a collection of links to study support systems and the most important IT services for students at Stockholm University.

Stockholm University provides a number of programs for you to use during your studies Software for students.


Study information

Here we’ve collected information on some of the most important rights and responsibilities that you have as a student. Your rights as a student come in part from laws and regulations and in part from local precepts at Stockholm University.

If you are a student at Stockholm University you can apply for a transfer of credits for studies that you have completed at other Swedish universities or universities abroad. In order to transfer credits from your exchange studies to your programme at the department, you must apply for this when you are back in Sweden.

Credit transfer

All students at Stockholm University are entitled to equal treatment and respect irrespective of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.

Equal treatment of students at Stockholm University

If you as a student need to make a study break it is important that you find out what applies. You can only apply for a study break if you are registered at a programme and the break must be for a full semester period. To apply for a study break you need to fill in a form. For shorter breaks, it is enough that you talk to the course coordinator or the study counselor about how you can make up for missed parts.

Apply for a leave from studies

After the study break

You are responsible for announcing your return in good time. Before you can return to your studies, you must contact your student office no later than April 15 before the autumn term and no later than October 15 before the spring term. In case of late registration for return, the course place can not be guaranteed.

Discontinuation of studies means that you do not intend to complete the course. You therefore give up your place.

If you discontinue within three weeks after starting the course and do not have any results within the course you may apply and be admitted to the course again.

You can confirm discontinuation from a course in Ladok for students

Discontinuation from programme

Discontinuation from programme has to be registered. Please email your study counsellor with the following information:

  • Given name, surname and social security number
  • Start date of discontinuation (yy-mm-dd – earliest date of registration)
  • Name of the discontinued program

Keep in mind that a discontinuation from programme is not the same as a study break. If you discontinue from a program, you will lose your program place and will not be able to apply for the program again.

Resumption of studies

If you change your mind and want to resume your studies, contact the student office for possible re-registration. Re-registration for courses always takes place subject to availability.

You need to sign up for each exam. This is done via Ladok for students and are compulsory. Registration normally opens a couple of weeks before the exam and closes a few days before. You may not take an exam you are not pre-registered for (you need to sign up to both exams and re-exams).

If you need special pedagogical support. Before each examination, you should contact your examination administrator in good time:

Examination procedures for students in need of special educational support

As a student you have to be conscientious about clearly accounting for the material used in the texts that are submitted for examination.

To use other people’s expressions or ideas without stating where they are from is plagiarism, as well as to translate and/or change some words in someone else’s text and present it as one’s own. Even to reuse portions of one’s own previously written texts without citation is plagiarism (self-plagiarism). There must be no doubt about what your own expressions and ideas are and what has been gathered from other sources.

Plagiarism is considered to be cheating, and if discovered or suspected in an exam, thesis or any other written assignment, grading will be postponed until a decision on the matter has been made by the Vice-Chancellor or the Disciplinary Committee of Stockholm University. Should the student be found guilty, the exam or assignment will be considered invalid.

Any student who is caught cheating or disrupting academic activities can be suspended from lectures and exams for a period of up to six months. This would have grave consequences for exchange students as you might not be allowed to gain any credits during your exchange period.

The Vice-Chancellor or the Disciplinary Council decides whether the student is to be subject to any disciplinary measures. 

Governing documents relating to education

All students studying in Sweden are covered by the Swedish State’s general student insurance, provided by “Kammarkollegiet”. The insurance applies during school hours and during travel to and from the location where school hours are spent. The insurance also covers accidents during distance studies if the accident is in direct connection with the studies to be performed.

If you need special educational support, you can apply for support and adaptations. You should apply as soon as possible after you have been admitted in order to receive the best possible support.

How to apply for support

When you have your Nais certificate, contact the study counsellor for a meeting where we go through those adjustments. After the meeting, you should contact the course coordinators for the courses you will attend and inform them that you have been granted support, to allow them to prepare.

Before each examination contact responsible examinatation administrator:

Examination procedures for students in need of special educational support


Traineeship in your education

We provide internships in all of our master’s programmes. The aim of the traineeship is to give general working experience and practice from a place of work where knowledge is used.



Master's degree project

The most common words in titles of degree projects 2010-2019.
The most common words in titles of degree projects 2010-2019.

Information and guidelines for degree projects (Master degree projects and Bachelor's degree project in Earth Science) at the department.

Degree Projects





SCEG Student Council of Environmental and Geo science

Do you want to join SCEG and represent your and other students’ interests during your time at SU? 

SCEG - Student Council of Environmental and Geo science

SUS - Stockholm University Student Union




We are several persons working with study administration and study counselling. Please contact the Student office for questions concerning course information, registration, schedule, literature lists and exams. If you have questions concerning credit transfer, admission, eligibility or need study advice please contact the Study counsellor.

To get a fast reply please send your questions by email. It will facilitate if you provide your personal data together with information on which program or course concerned in your email. Please avoid writing multiple separate emails to multiple people.

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Student office
Student office
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