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What you can expect from studying at the Department of Physical Geography

With us, you will study in an inspiring environment where scientists work in a stimulating interdisciplinary setting on the cutting edge between physical geography, quaternary geology, ecology and hydrology, where a central theme is sustainability (climate change, glaciology, permafrost studies, landscape ecology, environmental management and planning).

We offer you a wide range of facilities (e-science labs including Geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, climate modelling and soil labs) to enable you to let your course work meet the latest scientific standards.

Pursue your scientific curiosity and passion for our earth and our environment, get an education that prepares you for working life with a strong connection to research, study with us.

Courses and programmes

Strong research connection

Our teachers are all active researchers, a guarantee that the teaching is always updated with the latest research findings. Our research is multi-disciplinary in the fields of:

  • Landscape, Environment and Geomatics
  • Climate Science and Quaternary Geology
  • Geomorphology and Glaciology
  • Hydrology, Water Resources and Permafrost

Research units

Stimulating study environment

The combination of lectures, seminars, group work and practical lab work increases your theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Small groups allow you to easily interact with teachers and classmates. Lectures are mainly held in the Geoscience building at campus Frescati.

All our programmes include courses with excursions and field trips, mainly to locations in Sweden but also to our research stations in Greece, Navarino Environmental Observatory NEO and northern Sweden, Tarfala research station.


Meet our students

Mahmoud Suliman is a second-year master's student (Master's programme in Hydrology, Hydrogeology and Water Resources) from Sudan who wants to make an impact. Watch the film and read the text below to get to know his story.



Equipped for work life

When you graduate you will be well prepared for working life, both in Sweden and abroad. Our study programs prepare students for a diverse range of science and non-science careers. You can choose to do a traineeship, as an optional course within your study programme, that can lead to employment after graduation.

During your studies you can take part in career seminars and other activities that can be useful in finding a job in:

Sweden or abroad

Discover Stockholm and Sweden

Djurgårdsbron (The Djurgården Bridge) is a bridge in central Stockholm. Photo Elisabeth Sturesson
Djurgårdsbron (The Djurgården Bridge) is a bridge in central Stockholm.

The Department of Physical Geography is located on Stockholm University's Frescati campus. The campus is surrounded by nature in the Royal National City Park, and has excellent public transport connections to central Stockholm.

Stockholm is a beautiful and innovative city of knowledge that is ranked as one of the world's best student cities.

Discover Stockholm and Sweden



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