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Welcome to the Department of Physical Geography!

We hope that you will enjoy your studies with us and benefit greatly from them. We are happy to be a part of your student experience and contribute to your future success. On this page, we have gathered the most important things to allow you a smooth start with us. If you do not find the information you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.


New in Sweden and Stockholm?

Stockholm City Hall, with its spire featuring the golden Three Crown. Photo Per Larsson.
Stockholm City Hall. Photo Per Larsson.

There are a lot to keep track of when moving to a new country. Stockholm university has gathered some practical information on visas, residence permits, tution fee, banking, insurance, accommodation in Stockholm and more.

Pre-departure information

New in Sweden


Admitted - Get access to IT services and register

In order to get access to IT services and keep your place in the education you need to activate your university account and register to your courses. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are registered on the correct course. If you do not register, your place can go to a reserve. Follow the checklist!

Checklist for new students

Online registration applies unless otherwise stated. To retain your place on the course, you must register within the specified registration period. If you are admitted to an International Master's programme you register on your first course in order to activate the programme. Information about how and when registration is made is sent by email to admitted students no later than a couple of weeks before the course starts. If you have problems whith registration, please contact the student office before the last day of registration.

Register online

If you are eligible with conditions, you cannot register because the department must first assess whether you have fulfilled the condition. It is stated in your admission letter from if you have conditions. If you have conditions, check the eligibility requirement under "special eligibility" on the education page in the course catalogue.

As soon as you meet all the requirements, send a message to the student office with the following information:

  • Subject line: Conditions
  • Your name
  • Which course or program
  • Documentation of the eligibility

Before the course starts, you will receive an e-mail from us with information about roll call, registration, schedule, course literature, etc. Be sure to check your email (also look in the spam filter). You can also find the schedule, course literature and who is responsible for the course on each page in the Course catalogue.

If you no longer want your place, it is important that you decline your place so that another applicant can get the place. Please note that declining the place via is only possible before the registration period for the course opens, and only before the roll call to the programme.

After the course has opened for registration and up to three weeks after the start of the course, terminations can be submitted in Ladok and you will be able to apply to the course or programme again.

If you are on reserve list, wait for a message from the student office.

Reserve admission may become relevant when someone or some who have been admitted to an education have declined their places. Based on the results of the selection, reserves are admitted in turn.

If you need special educational support, you can apply for support and adaptations. You should apply as soon as possible after you have been admitted in order to receive the best possible support.

How to apply for support

When you have your Nais certificate, contact the study counsellor for a meeting where we go through those adjustments. After the meeting, you should contact the course coordinators for the courses you will attend and inform them that you have been granted support, to allow them to prepare.


Athena - Learning platform

Most of our courses use the learning platform Athena to communicate about the course. To access the course page in Athena, your student account must be activated and you must be registered for the course. In some distance courses, the learning platform Moodle is used.

Link to Athena

Here you will find information and video guide on how to get started with Athena:

Get started with Athena

Athena (itslearning) offers an app for iPhone and Android that allows you to quickly take part in what is happening on the course. Please note that the app is called "itslearning".

Install app for Athena (for teachers and students)


Find us

Drone image of Geoscience building, Stockholm University in autumn. Photo Sören Andersson.
Drone image of Geoscience building, Stockholm University in autumn. Photo Sören Andersson.

Geovetenskapens hus (Geoscience building) at Stockholm University is situated in the middle of Sweden's first national city park and is characterised by natural beauty, unique architecture and contemporary art. In the building you will find us, the Departement of Physical Geography and the three other deparments.

Find us in the Geoscience building


SCEG Student Council of Environmental and Geo science

Do you want to join SCEG and represent your and other students’ interests during your time at SU? 

SCEG - Student Council of Environmental and Geo science

SUS - Stockholm University Student Union



We are several persons working with study administration and study counselling. Please contact the Student office for questions concerning course information, registration, schedule, literature lists and exams. If you have questions concerning credit transfer, admission, eligibility or need study advice please contact the Study counsellor.

To get a fast reply please send your questions by email. It will facilitate if you provide your personal data together with information on which program or course concerned in your email. Please avoid writing multiple separate emails to multiple people.

Student office
Student office
Student office
Study counsellor Master's level
Study counsellor Bachelor's level
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