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Make your education international! Studying abroad is not just an opportunity to learn new things, create international experience and new language skills.

Traveling around the world also opens doors to other cultures and new contacts. Studying abroad is a valuable experience that provides knowledge, memories and friends for life. In addition, studies abroad are meritorious and look good in your CV.

Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin. Photo John Jordan.
Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin. Photo John Jordan.

If you choose to study for a period abroad, there are different ways to proceed. You can study via one of the university's central exchange agreements, the department's own agreements or on your own. In any case, it is important to be out in good time, preferably one year before the study period at the partner university begins.


Central (university-wide) agreements and networks

As a student at Stockholm University, you have the opportunity to study one semester at one of the many partner universities around the world. There are university-wide (central) exchange agreements that can be applied for by students from all departments at Stockholm University. Central exchange programmes, agreements and networks as CIVIS Erasmus+, north2north and Nordlys are administered by the Student Services.

Central agreements and networks


Departmental agreements

We have exchange agreements with several universities in Europe, mainly within Erasmus +, for example in Belgium, Germany and Austria. Choose the Department of Physical Geography to find which agreements that exists:  Erasmusavtal vid Institutionen för naturgeografi från Vt 2023 (112 Kb)

Departmental Agreements and Networks (Will be updated with new agrements)

To apply for exchange studies at one of the universities with which the department has an agreement, you must first contact our exchange coordinator. Last day to apply

  • Autumn term: March 15th (January 31st for Singapore)
  • Spring term: September 15th (August 15th for Singapore)

Note! For central agreements, other application times may apply, read more under Call for applications.

The application is made via e-mail to Maria Damberg,

If you pay tuition fee for your master’s studies, or have a scholarship, then consult with the Swedish Migration Agency before going abroad on your own/exchange studies through Stockholm University. Please note, there is a risk that the Swedish Migration Agency may withdraw your residence permit for studies if you do not stay in Sweden during your master’s studies. Exchange studies that are conducted at another university, outside Sweden, do not fulfil the full-time studies requirement for a residence permit.

If you plan to do one or more semesters of exchange studies during your programme at Stockholm University, you should only apply for a residence permit for the time you plan to study in Sweden. During the exchange semester you might need a residence permit in the country where you are going to study. In this case you should contact the authorities in that country to find out what is required.


Erasmus+ Traineeship

As a student at Stockholm University, you have the opportunity to apply for funding to complete a traineeship abroad, in a company or an organisation in any country that participates in the Erasmus+ programme as a programme country:

Erasmus+ traineeship abroad

Master’s students at the department can also register for a Traineeship course when making a traineeship abroad. Earn 15 credits and also receive an Erasmus+ scholarship for the traineeship period. You can include 15 credits Traineeship courses in your master’s degree.


Degree project abroad

Important: Please note that the MFS programme has been discontinued by SIDA and therefore there will be no more application rounds for MFS starting autumn 2022.

Are you interested in an internship or a field study abroad? Students at Stockholm University can work as an intern, write an essay, or collect data abroad through the two scholarship programmes; Erasmus+ or the Minor Field Studies MFS.

Degree project abroad



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