Kvartärgeologi 2001-2008

Här hittar du institutionens avhandlingsserie i kvartärgeologi.

Gull Olli, 2008. Waterborne sediment and pollutant transport into lakes and accumulation in lake sediments. Dissertation No. 9. Fakultetsopponent: Prof. Ingmar Renberg.

Linda Ampel, 2008. Dansgaard-Oeschger cycles and Heinrich events in western Europe - A diatom perspective. Dissertation No. 8. Fakultetsopponent: Prof. Fritz Sherilyn.

Martina Hättestrand, 2008. Vegetation and climate during Weichselian ice free intervals in northern Sweden: Interpretations from fossil and modern pollen records. Dissertation No. 7. Fakultetsopponent: Associate prof. Magri Donatella.

Daniel S. Veres, 2007. Terrestrial response to Dansgaard-Oeschger cycles and Heinrich events: the lacustrine record of Les Echets, south-eastern France. Dissertation No. 6. Fakultetsopponent: Dr. Prof. John J. Lowe.

Jens Heimdahl, 2005. Urbanised nature in the past - site formation and environmental development in two Swedish towns, AD 1200-1800. Dissertation No. 5. Fakultetsopponent: Dr. Jane Sidall.

Anders Borgmak, 2005. The colour of climate: changes in peat decomposition as a proxy for climate change. Dissertation No. 4. Fakultetsopponent: Dr. Bas van Geel.

Angelica Feurdean, 2004. Palaeoenvironment in north-western Romania during the last 15,000 years. Dissertation No. 3. Fakultetsopponent: Prof. Katherine J. Willis.

Rathnasiri Premathilake, 2003. Late Quaternary palaeoecological event stratigraphy in the Horton Plains, central Sri Lanka - with contributions to the recent pollen flora. Dissertation No. 2. Fakultetsopponent: Prof. Francoise Gasse.

Greger Lindeberg, 2002. The Swedish varved clays revisited: Spectral- and image analysis of different types of varve series from the Baltic Basin. Dissertation No. 1. Fakultetsopponent: Prof. Björn Malmgren.



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