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The Department of Political Science is part of the Faculty of Social Science and harbours today around 50 teachers and/or researchers, about 25 PhD candidates and about twelve administrators.

The aim of the Department is to serve as a bridge between science and society. We have comprehensive and close contact with different groups and networks within national and international research.

The efforts of bridge-building between science and society are to a large extent based on the staff's two-sided activity profiles: deep roots in the research and co-operation with colleagues in other countries, and broad contact areas towards media, politics and public administration.



The Department of Political Science was created in 1935 at Stockholm University College. In 1960 the university college became Stockholm University and in the 1970's it was moved from the centre of Stockholm City to its current location in Frescati.

The first professorial chair at the Department of Political Science was installed as early as in 1935 and was named after the manufacturer, politician, publicist and author Lars Johan Hierta. The first holder of the professorship was Hebert Tingsten and the latest person to hold the professorial chair Jan Teorell.

Hierta Professorial Chair


Higher Research Seminar

The Higher Research Seminar is the main collective seminar of the Department. The research staff and invited national and international leading scholars present and discuss ongoing research.

You will find the programme for the Higher Research Seminar here


Our researchers in media

Our researchers are experts on a wide range of topics within the subject and are often interviewed in media.

Below you will find a selection of their latest participation in media.

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