Political science research at Stockholm University high ranked according to new evaluation

An evaluation of political science research in Sweden shows that the Department of Political Science at Stockholm University receives the highest results in terms of both research quality and societal relevance.

Bild på Södra huset mot en blå himmel.
Foto: Ingmarie Andersson/Stockholms universitet.

The Swedish Research Council has carried out an evaluation of the subject of political science with the help of a new model for national evaluations of research subjects. In the pilot evaluation, the results of the research were assessed with regard to both scientific quality and significance outside the academy.

14 higher education institutions were included in the evaluation and the review was carried out by an external and mainly international panel. The evaluation consisted of an assessment of the scientific quality of the research through an external review of publications, and an assessment of the significance of the research outside the academy by looking at a number of case studies regarding the impact of the research. The panels' overall conclusion is that research in political science in Sweden is of high international standard.


High quality and societal relevance

The Department of Political Science receives the highest results both in terms of scientific quality and societal impact.

Porträtt av Göran Sundström.
Göran Sundström. Photo: Niklas Björling/Stockholms universitet.

“It is very gratifying to have received this confirmation on that the research we conduct is of the highest quality and that we also succeed in reaching out to society with our research results,” says Göran Sundström, Head of the Department.

The research at the Department of Political Science that the expert panel looked at more closely was; The Rights of the Indigenous Sámi People: Self-determination, Institutions and Voter Behavior, The case of ´New Governance Models in the Public Sector´, Science-based High-level Dialogues with the Seafood Industry for Healty and Productive Oceans and Gender and Politics.

In all cases, the impact was assessed as “Very Good” (second highest grade) and in three of the case studies, the contributing research was assessed as “Excellent” (highest grade).


Research quality and policy impact go hand-in-hand

The analysis shows that academic quality and policy impact in political science in general go hand-in-hand: departments whose research quality is high are also successful in diffusing research to the public and to policy circles.

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