Lecture halls and study places

The Department of Child and Youth Studies is housed in a four-storey building. An elevetor that is handicapped accessible is available on all floors. Lecture halls, group rooms and student spaces are available on the first and second floor. On the third and fourth floor there are offices for staff.


Hearing aids are available in all classrooms.

First floor

105 Seminar room

106 Seminar room

110 Hearing /Aula

129 Reading room

130 Reading room

Second floor

220 Lecture hall

222 Seminar room

223 Seminar room

224 Seminar room

Room with a table and chairs for six persons, tv-screen and whiteboard.

There are ten bookable group rooms for students. All group rooms have a monitor, program sound via monitor and a whiteboard.

First floor

Room 118 for 6 people.

Room 121 for 8 people.

Room 122 for 8 people.

Second floor

Room 204 for 8 people.

Room 206 for 6 people.

Room 208 for 6 people.

Room 211 for 6 people.

Room 212 for 6 people.

Room 213 for 6 people.

Room 215 for 6 people.


Book a group room

As a student at the Department of Child and Youth Studies, you have the opportunity to book group rooms in the department's premises.

Group rooms can be booked:

Monday - Thursday at 07.30 - 17.30

Friday at 07.30 - 17.30.

During red days, weekends and periods during Christmas and summer, the house is completely closed and no bookings can be made. Note! Doors to corridors close already at 17.30 Monday - Thursday, and at 16.00 on Friday, so if you need to go out temporarily, you need to make sure that someone can let you back in again.

This applies when booking the group rooms:

  • You can book a maximum of one group room at a time and a maximum of 3 hours per day.
  • You must book at least two days in advance, but at the earliest two weeks in advance.
  • You book by emailing the Student office at studentxpedition@buv.su.se
  • Write the date and time you want to book and state your social security number and which course you are studying.

You need a code for the group room you have booked. You get access to the code via the confirmation email on your booking from the Student office.

If you do not need your group room, cancel it as soon as possible. You email your cancellation to studentexpedition@buv.su.se


Kitchenette for students.
Kitchenette for students.

Room 106 is to the left of the entrance hall. The kitchenette is equipped with eight microwave ovens and two refrigerators. Here you can heat your lunch.

Microwave ovens in the kitchenette.
Microwave ovens in the kitchenette.

Student café/Leisure room

In room 107, to the left of the entrance hall and beside the student kitchenette, you will find seatings for about 45 people. Here you can eat your food, hang out with your fellow students or study.


There are study places for students in an open environment in the corridors on the first and second floor. There are several tables with chairs (6-8 seats at each table), sofas with tables and screened study places (a total of 6 seats on the second floor). A total of 78 seats on first floor and a total of 47 seats on the second floor.

Separate study places with in the corridor on the 2nd floor.
Separate study places in the corridor on the 2nd floor.
Studie places in the corridor on the 2nd floor.
Studie places in the corridor on the 2nd floor.

Outdoor seating

At the back of the department / building there are several tables and benches for students who want to take a break or sit and study outdoors.

Outdoor seating for break or study. Photo: Ylva Carlsdotter/BUV.
Outdoor seatings for break or study.



On the first floor you will find a printer (called Printomat) and a computer. Printomat is the university-wide system for printing, copying and scanning. You need a valid University card and account to use the system.

There are also Printomat machines in the computer rooms and the libraries at campus.

Computer rooms and printers in Frescati

Printing, scanning and copying – Printomat


On the second floor, room 232, you will find a room for rest or praying.

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