FAQ from incoming exchange students

Here you can se answers to frequenlty asked questions about exchange studies at Stockholm university and the Department of Child and Youth Studies.


Semester dates

The academic year at Stockholm University starts in late August and ends in early June. The academic year is divided into two semesters, an autumn semester and a spring semester.

Autumn semester: September until Mid-January.
Spring semester: Mid-January until Early June.

Term dates at Stockholm University



Stockholm University does not offer a housing guarantee. All exchange students that apply in time are contacted by the Housing Office at Stockholm University and can apply for housing through the Housing Office.

The Housing Office handles all contacts regarding hosing and provides students that are not offered housing with instructions on how they can look for housing on their own.   
The chance of being offered housing is much better for the spring semester than for the autumn semester.

Stockholm University do not offer shorter rent periods which means that exchange students studying less than one semester always must arrange housing on their own (or rent a student apartment for the entire semester even if it is only used part of the semester).

More about housing for international students

Information about general living costs in Sweden


Insurance during study

Students at Stockholm University are covered by different insurances depending on their student status. Please read more information about insurance for incoming exchange students here:

Stockholm University insurance information

Student IN insurance for exchange students in Sweden


Information regarding visas and residence permits

International and exchange students from outside the EU/EEA who are admitted for studies lasting longer than three months must apply for a residence permit for studies.

If your total period of stay in Sweden is less than three months, you should not apply for a residence permit, but should instead apply for an entry visa.

More about visas and residence permits


Service and support for students at Stockholm University

Via the link below you can find an overview of different kinds of service and support available at Stockholm University for instance Academic Writing Service, the University Library, IT-support, digital tools and services, Student Unions and Student Health Services.




Support for students with a disability

Via the link below you can find more information about support for students with disabilities at Stockholm University. See especially the headline “Apply for support as an exchange student”.



Grading system

Description of Swedens higher education system and the Grading system at Stockholm University.

Transcripts of records after the exchange will be sent to the home university approximately one month after the end of the semester.


Get to know more about Stockholm and Sweden

A tourist guide for the city of Stockholm can be found at visitstockholm.com

A tourist guide for Sweden can be found at visitsweden.com



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