Om våld i omsorgsarbete

Helene Brodin och Sara Erlandsson har skrivit ett kapitel i boken "Gendered Norms at Work", med fokus på arbetet med funktionshindrade.

De har i sin studie intervjuat 96 chefer och medarbetare i olika typer av verksamheter inriktade på omsorg om funktionshindrade, med fokus på arbetsplatsvåld och hur det hanteras på arbetsplatserna. Hur talar de om våldet, och vad får de för konsekvenser?

Brodin, H. & Erlandsson, S. (2021). ‘Don’t Let It Get to You.’ Gendering Workplace Violence in Disability Services in Sweden. I B-I Keisu, S. Tafvelin och H. Brodin (red.) Gendered Norms at Work.  Aligning Perspectives on Health, Safety and Well-Being. Springer, Cham. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-77734-0_10

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Abstract på engelska
Workplace violence in health and social care is a serious public health issue. Given the fact that women comprise the majority of employees in health and social care, women working in these sectors are at higher risk of becoming victims of workplace violence. Concurrently, studies indicate that organisational policies and managers downplay workplace violence in health and social care as being part of the job. Against this backdrop, we explore discourses on workplace violence in Swedish disability care services and the underpinning materiality. Based on interviews with 96 front-line managers and care workers in four different types of disability services, we study how norms of gender are embedded in managers’ and employees’ representations of workplace violence and how this contributes to normalising workplace violence in disability services.