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At the Centre for Research on Bilingualism, we do research and education in Bilingualism. Our research focuses on multilingualism and society, the bilingual individual, and Swedish as a second language. We provide education at the undergraduate level, advanced level, and postgraduate level.

The Centre for Research on Bilingualism is part of the Department for Swedish Language and Multilingualism (Svefler). We are all part of the Faculty of Humanities at Stockholm University.

Department for Swedish Language and Multilingualism

Faculty of Humanities


About Research on Bilingualism

Bilingualism (also multilingualism) refers to the phenomenon that more than one language is mastered by the individual or used in society. Bilingualism research is the interdisciplinary study of this phenomenon in all its complexity.

It can be about studying the brain’s signals in bilingual people or the challenges that learners of a second or foreign language face. It can also be about critically analyzing the language ideologies that underpin state policies or the dynamics that take place in school, working life or other contexts where several languages meet.

Read more about Bilingualism in Stockholm University's Research Catalogue

The research area Bilingualism is divided into the following research subjects (see the Research Catalogue):

The Bilingual individual

Multilingualism and society

Swedish as a second language



We offer a variety of courses on different aspects of bi- and multilingualism. At the second-cycle level, all of these courses are taught in English. You will find all information about education on the Department of Swedish and Multilingualism's main website:


Courses and Programmes > Courses in Bilingualism

PhD studies


The Higher seminar

At the Higher seminar in Research on Bilingualism, current research is presented by the PhD students and researchers as well as invited lecturers. The seminar is open to anyone interested.

The majority of our seminars and colloquia are held in English and are presented in our English calendar. The ones held in Swedish are presented in our Swedish calendar.

The Higher seminar in Bilingualism

Calendar for all events at the Centre for Research on Bilingualism

All the seminars and qolloquia at the Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism

Calendar for all events at the Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism


Conferences, symposia and workshops

We arrange/co-arrange national and international conferences/symposia.

Conferences, symposia and workshops



For new publications, please see the department's Swedish main site:

In Swedish: Nya publikationer i tvåspråkighet

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The Language and Ethnography Research Group (LEG)


The Centre started as a small department for research on bilingualism at the Department of Linguistics in 1981. In 1988, the department was transformed into a faculty-supported, independent research center directly under the Faculty of Humanities and remained in this organizational form for 25 years up to and including 2012. In 2013, the merger was completed into The Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism.


Prizes and awards

Employees at the centre have received prizes and awards over the years for good linguistic work.

In Swedish: Priser och utmärkelser



Please see Contact for adress, management, staff and other important functions at the centre:


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