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We teach and research the various areas of translation and interpreting. Areas of translation include literary and professional (non-literary) translation, as well as audiovisual translation, e.g. subtitling. Areas of interpreting include sign language interpreting, public service interpreting (in the areas of care, welfare, and justice), and conference interpreting.

We have courses on the undergraduate, as well as the graduate levels, and TÖI also has the first and only PhD programme in translation studies in Sweden.

The Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies is part of the Department for Swedish Language and Multilingualism at Stockholm University. We are all part of the Faculty of Humanities at Stockholm University.

Department for Swedish Language and Multilingualism

Faculty of Humanities


About Translation studies research

Translation provides knowledge about interpreting and translation; how and under which conditions these activities are carried out, and what meanings interpretations and translations have for individuals and cultures. Research can be about multilingual meetings, or the spread of literature across the world, and other social and cultural phenomena, for instance the professions of translators and interpreters.
A variety of theories and methods are used in translation studies. Interpreting and translation as social, linguistic and cultural practices between people can be studied in different societies and globally, or as the cognitive processes of individuals.

The research area Translation studies is divided into the following research subjects:



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Courses and Programmes

Since our coursea and programmes are given in Swedish, please see our Swedish site:

In Swedish: Våra utbildningar > Översättningsvetenskap: tolkning och översättning

PhD studies


Higher seminars and qolloquia

At TÖI, we give three seminar series: The Higher Seminar in Translation Studies, the Interaction Seminar and the Interpretation Seminar. The majority of our seminars and colloquia are held in Swedish and are presented in our Swedish calendar. The ones held in English are presented in our English calendar:

The Higher seminar in Translation Studies

The Interaction seminar (see the department site)

The Interpretation seminar

All of our seminars and qolloquia at the Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism


Conferences, symposia and workshops

We arrange/co-arrange national and international conferences/symposia.

Conferences, symposia and workshops



For new publications, please see the department's Swedish main site:

In Swedish: Nya publikationer i tolkning och översättning

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TÖI was founded in 1986 at Stockholm University with a national assignment directly from the government to train interpreters and translators for Sweden's needs. In 2013, the merger was completed into The Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism.


Prizes and awards

Employees at the centre have received prizes and awards over the years for good linguistic work.

In Swedish: Priser och utmärkelser [link will follow]



For staff, address and more, please see:


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