The Department Board

The Department Board has an overall responsibility and is the highest decision-making body at the Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism. The Board deals with issues concerning syllabi, course literature, organization of teaching, admission of doctoral students, personnel issues, budget and requests from students.

The Department Board has been appointed 1 January, 2021—31 December 2023.


Members of the Board

The Department Board consists of Head of Department and the Vice Head of Department, six Teacher Representatives, one Technical and Administrative Staff Representantive and three Student Representatives (one Doctoral student and two at Basic level).


  • Head of Department, Associate Professor Karolina Wirdenäs. Please see Contact below.

Vice Chairman

  • Vice Head of Department, Professor Catrin Norrby. Please see Contact below.


  • Professor Niclas Abrahamsson
  • Docent Theres Bellander
  • Professor Yvonne Lindqvist
  • Lecturer Mårten Michanek
  • University lecturer Catharina Nyström Höög
  • University lecturer Susan Sayehli


  • Professor Roger Andersson
  • University lecturer Jonatan Pettersson
  • Lecturer Malin Tesfazion


  • Administrative Director of studies Tatiana Antonchick
  • Course administratör Lydia Lundgren, TA representantive


  •     Team leader Yvonne Carlsson, TA representantive


  • PhD student Shiro Shibata
  • Student Ylva Seigerlund
  • Student Basima Yousif


  • PhD student Natalia Volvach
  • Student Carl-Ejnar Olsson

Annette Ficher, se Contact below.



Head of Department
Vice Head
Keeper of the minutes (not member), the Department Board
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