The PhD programme in Physical Geography is characterized by a broad focus within the department’s research units. Study at the doctorate level normally involves 4 years of full-time study, comprising a course component of 60 credits (equivalent to one year of study) and the doctoral thesis, 160 credits (equivalent to three years of study). Positions for doctoral candidates are posted a maximum of four times a year at the University web page.

  • 31 January (last day of application 28 February), The department’s own
  • 2 April (last day of application 23 April), common with Stockholm University
  • 7 September (last day of application 6 October), The department’s own
  • 15 October (last day of application 5 November), common with Stockholm University

Responsible for the PhD programme in Physical Geography is professor Stefan Wastegård. Please contact him if you have any queries regarding research the PhD programme.

Our previous doctoral candidates are today engaged in research, teaching and development as well as a number of other occupations.