We conduct multi-disciplinary research in the fields of landscape ecology, study of environmental, resource use and sustainability issues, geomorphology and paleo- glaciology, glaciology, hydrology and water resources, paleoclimatology, quaternary geology, remote sensing and GIS, and tropical geography.

Basic research is oriented towards furthering our understanding of short- and long term processes and interactions that lead to landscape development and environmental and climate changes. The behaviour of past and present systems and interactions between systems are modelled for predictions of future trends. The department is equipped with a state-of-the-art GIS and remote sensing cluster, and microscopy, sediment and dendroclimatology laboratories.


Head of Department
Georgia Destouni

Director of Studies, PhD Level
Helle Skånes
Phone: +46 8-16 47 73

Press contact
Malin Stenberg de Serves
Telefon: 08-16 10 52
Phone: 070-618 25 35

Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science