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    Lake Hawea

    Study meteorology, oceanography and climate

    Are you interested in working with the most important environmental issues of our time, applying mathematics, physics, and chemistry to understand the weather, oceans and the climate of the Earth?

    MISU is hosting the workshop “Deep Neural Networks for Beginners!

    The workshop will be held from 07-09.10.2019 at Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University, with an invited guest-lecturer, Prof. Ribana Roscher, Institute of Computer Science, University of Osnabrueck, Germany, who is an expert at applications of neural networks in the domain of Natural and Earth Sciences.

    FORCeS - new project on air pollution and its effect on climate

    Annica Ekman, Department of Meteorology, and Ilona Riipinen, Department of Environmental Sciences and Analytical Chemistry, are coordinating a new Horizon 2020 project on how air pollution affects climate