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Information for students and staff about the coronavirus

Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously.

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Men face a greater risk of ethnic discrimination in the labour market

Men with foreign-sounding names applying for a job receive significantly fewer responses to their applications than female applicants with a foreign-sounding name.

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Why do girls opt out of math in school?

In school, girls in general outperform boys in math-related fields. But even when girls have a relatively higher ability in math, they more often choose other education trajectories.

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Mental health problems in school linked to greater risk of exclusion from society

Teenagers that experience mental health problems during secondary school are less likely to be in employment or in education as young adults, compared to those with few symptoms, a new study show.

SOFI researchers in the media

  • PODCAST: Matthew Lindquist, professor of economics at SOFI, discusses his new research on the health effects of prison, in the latest episode of the Probable Causation podcast.
  • "Economists: We need to track the virus". Erik Lindqvist, professor of economics at SOFI, has together with five other economists published a debate article at SvD Debatt (in Swedish).
  • Johannna Rickne and Olle Folke at SOFI have together with American and Japanese researchers published a study showing that women are exposed to sexual harassment at work even when they are in leadership positions, which got attention in both Swedish media such as SvD, DN and Aftonbladet, as well as international media like CBS News and The Independent.
  • The new SOFI study showing a dramatic increase of the risk of ending up in poverty for single persons without children has been noticed in several news media, among others Swedish Radio Vetenskapsradion, Göteborgs-Posten and TT Nyhetsbyrån.
  • "A woman who earns less than her partner or doesn’t work at all when they get married is significantly more likely to get divorced if her career suddenly takes off". The Quartz magazine writes about a study by our professor Johanna Rickne and Olle Folke at Uppsala University. Read the article here.

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