EARLI sig 19 conference

European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction EARLI Special Interest Group 19 for Religions and Worldviews in Education Virtual Conference, 9.-13.11.2020, Stockholm University, Sweden.

Conference Organizers: Local Organisers: Arniika Kuusisto (Professor, Department of Child and Youth Studies, Stockholm University) and Jenny Berglund (Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Stockholm University), together with the EARLI SIG 19 Coordinators: Martin Ubani (Professor, University of Eastern Finland), Laura Hirsto (Professor, University of Eastern Finland), and Alexander Unser (Associate Professor, TU Dortmund University).

The conference will be an on-line event using Zoom as our platform and is open for everyone interested and participation is free of charge.

For more information and contact read
more on the EARLI sig 19 Conferens website.

EARLI sig 19 conference schedule_corrected 5th Nov.pdf (85 Kb)

EARLI sig 19 conference schedule_corrected 5th Nov.pdf (85 Kb)


The inviting paperwork focuses on either the conference theme more generally or examines one of the following sub-themes:
(a) Early Childhood Education and Care settings (facilitated by Arniika Kuusisto),
(b) Comprehensive School context (facilitated by Jenny Berglund),
(c) Youth research (facilitated by Saija Benjamin, University of Helsinki), and
(d) Higher Education and Teacher Professionalism (facilitated by Liam Gearon, University of Oxford).

Keynote Speakers:

TUESDAY kl 9-10:30
David Thurfjell, Professor, Study of Religions, Södertörn University, Sweden.

Religious by ascription: Muslims and post-Muslims in secular Sweden.

(An interview on SVT with Professor David Thurfjell about the forest as a refuge during the pandemic.)

Martin Ubani, Professor, Religious Education, University of Eastern Finland, Finland.

Religious literacy and the 21st century school

THURSDAY 9-10:30
Tünde Puskás, Associate Professor, Linköping University, Sweden

”We do not speak about it directly” – Talking about religion in Swedish preschools

FRIDAY 9-10:30
Anna Strahn, Lecturer, Sociology, University of York, UK (co-authored by Rachael Shillitoe)
Anna Strahn, University of Kent.

Nonreligious Childhood: Growing up Unbelieving in Contemporary Britain