Arniika Kuusisto. Foto: Niklas Björling, Stockholms universitet.
Arniika Kuusisto. Foto: Niklas Björling, Stockholms universitet.

“Research is my passion”, says Arniika Kuusisto. And she is undeniably both energetic and dedicated when she describes her research, which among other things concerns how children's values ​​are created in the preschool environment, how the curriculum and everyday life interplay with pre-school teachers' actions, the values ​​that children have with them as well as what is important and valuable.

Her passion is clearly illustrated by an occasion on a flight when she gets an idea and quickly scribbles it down on the paper bag that’s in the chair pocket in front of her. When it’s completely covered in notes, her neighbour asks if she needs another bag. A little later, she asks if Arniika wants her friend's paper bag too and then takes the chance to ask what she is writing.

“I’m writing down my next academic article”, Arniika Kuusisto replies.

In her opinion, she is driven by curiosity and interest. When it’s time to relax, it’s crime novels and knitting socks. That’s if she is not spending time on her second passion - photography.

Arniika Kuusisto has her inaugural lecture together with Lucas Gottzén at the Department of Children and Youth Studies on April 19, 2pm to 4pm, BUV 103, Frescati Hagväg 24, Frescati hage.

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