What are your thoughts and ideas for the future?

Susanne Kjällander is currently thinking a lot about the impact that Sweden’s forthcoming national IT strategy will have on schools and preschools. Many more digital learning resources will be purchased, but what will this mean for children and childhood? She is hoping that they will be able to use them to build on their own interests and experiences in creative ways. 

“Programming is making its way into school, and I wonder what is going to happen: will the children programme tablets and robots and create music and so on, or will they write code? This is very exciting”, says Susanne.

Is there anything that you often go around thinking about?

Susanne wants her students to walk away from each seminar with the feeling that they have learnt something real. It can be something physical, such as a game, a text or an app, or it can be a new insight or idea that has been challenged. The important thing is that they can use it in their work with the children. “When some students have hired a babysitter and gone all the way from Norrtälje early in the morning, I really want them to think it was worth it,” says Susanne.

What do you like to do?

“As now when I have a postdoc, I love it when I can become one with my text: when I live and breathe and dream about the research article that I’m writing. That is SO wonderful! But I also like to play with my children, travel and go snowboarding, of course,” says Susanne.

From Lärarutbildningsportalen/Portal for the Teacher Education, 2016