KUPOL - Kunskap om ungas psykiska hälsa och lärande.

Professor, project manager: Rosaria Galanti, Karolinska institutet.

Part of the Kupol Team: Kari Trost The Department of Child and Youth Studies, Stockholm University.

Kupol (Kunskap om ungas psykiska hälsa och lärande) is a large scale national research project conducted by researchers at Karolinska Institutet in collaboration with researchers from Stockholm University and Uppsala University. Kupol is carried out in 92 secondary schools in central and southern Sweden.

The overarching aim of Kupol is to investigate how the pedagogical and social environment at school affects adolescents’ mental health. Three research questions are of central importance: Does school pedagogic environment have an impact on the mental health of adolescents? Do good grades have an impact on the mental health of students, independent of school pedagogic environment? Can genetic changes affect how students experience school-related stress?