Photo: Eva Dalin
Photo: Eva Dalin

The discipline of Early Childhood Education comprises inter- and transdisciplinary studies in the intersection between different scientific disciplines that study learning, play and care, and the many various encounters children are engaged in within the practices of early childhood education and with the surrounding world.

Within the framework of the preschool teacher profession, the discipline has a particular interest in didactic considerations that involve the planning, realization and assessment of practices, in relation to a wider scope of different learning, play and care strategies.

The discipline also embraces a special interest in studying processes that follow, challenge and develop children’s investigative and experimental play and learning, enacted as hands on and aesthetic learning-processes and involving information and communication technologies and using pedagogical documentation.

The pedagogical perspectives of the discipline deal with the philosophy, ethics and history of learning, play and care. The pedagogical perspectives also include the societal, relational and material preconditions of early childhood education, as well as entailing studies of theoretical development in relation to issues of preschool children’s development, skills and competences in the contemporaneity of a social, cultural and material world.

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