A common ground for this research group is a focus on detailed analyses of language use and language related phenomena. It involves both alternative readings of social and political documents, and the study of social interaction and meaning making in mundane communication.

These fields are explored through discourse analysis - including narrative and rhetorical analysis - and through conversation analysis or linguistically oriented ethnography. A shared methodological focus for this multi-disciplinary group is the study of discursive negotiations of various kinds, not least the social categorizations that take place within different societal arenas: legal-, health-, political-, computer mediated arenas, and historical archives, as well as schools and other institutions for children and youth.

The researchers work within the Discourse seminar, which has been running since the start of the department. This seminar is visited on a regular basis by international researchers who give influx to the different projects.


Mats Börjesson, professor
E-mail: mats.borjesson@buv.su.se