Photo: Eva Dalin
Photo: Eva Dalin

Children and youth in socially deprived situations is an interdisciplinary research area gathering researchers from the fields of sociology, psychology, legal studies and anthropology. Main focus is on how children and young people understand and cope with various social circumstances and predicaments in their daily lives. Some of our research projects have explored integration of young refugees into the school system, asylum process, bullying, children as crime victims and offenders and much more. Methodologically, we let ”the truth being said by those who experience it”, which means interviews and observations of children and young people. But we also study their patterns of interactions and communications with institutions such as schools, leisure centers, courts, police and immigration authorities. Theoretically, we argue that identities, cultural forms and daily practices of young people cannot be understood without focusing on the effects of structural conditions.


Ann-Christin Cederborg, professor

Nihad Bunar, professor

Research projects

Ann-Christin Cederborg:

Child Perspectives in the Asylum Process for Unaccompanied Minors, Daniel Hedlund

Children’s exposure to peer bullying in schools, Magnus Loftsson

Bullying as discursive practice, Lina Lundström & Mari Kronlund

Children and youth’s interaction and self-representational narratives on public social networking settings online, Kim Ringmar Sylwander

Trafficking for sexual purposes: From the perspective of the legal system what can we learn from children and youths experiences? Johanna Lindholm

Children and youth as perpetrators, Ulrika Winerdal

Nihad Bunar:

Opportunity structures for inclusion and successful schooling of newly arrived youth

Newly arrived children and learning - a cross-disciplinary study on the learning conditions for newly arrived children in Swedish schools

Lived transitions: experiences of learning and inclusion among newly arrived students, Jenny Nilsson Folke

Unaccompanied asylum seeking children and youths, Farhad Jahanmahan

Navigating a local school market: the geography of school choice in three schools, Anna Ambrose

Youth, ethnicity and migration, Sandra Karlsson

Somali-Swedish girls - The Construction of Childhood within Local and Transnational Spaces, Gunnel Mohme


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