Course Content

The course consists of four full day online meetings encompassing both lectures and
seminars as at-distance-course via Athena and Zoom
The first three meetings will evolve around one of three different themes: 1) Studies on multimodality 2) Studies on multilingual speakers in different learning contexts 3) Mixed methods, triangulation and comparative studies. Themes 1 and 2 highlight different aspects of the complexity that characterize today's learning environments: Diverse digital worlds are both multimodal and multimedial and globalization and (forced) migration entail a multitude of translocal and transliteral multilingual practices and learning contexts. As for theme 3, a global educational market highlights a need for international comparisons, and the study of students’ achievements in a comparative perspective, as well as policy exchanges that effect
the learning environments. 

For each meeting, participants will prepare course assignments, which will be discussed during the seminars. During the fourth meeting students will give each other constructive critique on a first draft of their course reports. The students will also receive individual feedback from the teachers. 

Study Period: Spring 2022
Form of Studies:  (25%) 
Language of Instruction: English
Entry Requirements: Admitted to Phd-studies. A minimum of 5 enrolled students is necessary for the course to be offered. Priority will be given to PhD students enrolled at the three collaborating departments. 
Preliminary Schedule 
Spring 2022: 
Course Sessions will be held via Zoom: 
February 17th 9-10
February 24th 9-15
March 10th 9-15
March 24th 9-15
April 8th 9-15
Application Period for Spring 2022

October 15th, 2021- January 17th, 2022

Indicate your interest here: 

The application period for Spring 2022 has closed. 

Course Instructors: Eva Insulander, Christina Hedman, and Wieland Wermke
Syllabus and Literature List:  Updated Course Syllabus and Literature List (315 Kb)
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