Overall Aim

The overall aim of this course is to give doctoral students the opportunity to develop their methodological understanding about intervention studies in the field of educational research. In particular, the course will invite doctoral students to reflect on different national and international approaches to intervention studies including the complex use of hypotheses in different study designs and how intervention aspects can be seen in relation to data collection procedures. The course will also address the question how interventions can be designed in order to facilitate educational processes and outcomes, thus providing  doctoral students with an opportunity to develop their understanding of possibilities and constraints of conducting invention studies in the context of, for instance, school improvement. 

Course Content

The course introduces national and international examples that serve to invite reflection on the conditions for designing intervention studies in the field of education. In particular, the course centres on three broad themes:

1) interventions and experiments anchored in qualitative and quantitative research paradigms

2) interventions in practice (learning studies, lesson studies, action research, design-based research and formative interventions)

3) interventions in data collection and data analysis


Study Period: Spring 2024
Form of Studies: Week 10-22 (50%)
Language of Instruction: English
Entry Requirements: Admitted to Phd-studies. Maximum number of participants is 20 and doctoral students at the Department of Education are given priority.
Application: Will open in Autumn 2023
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Course Instructors: Max Scheja, Marianne Teräs and Susanne Kreitz-Sandberg
Contact: For more information about administrative issues, please e-mail: forskarutbildning@edu.su.se