The aim of the course is to give doctoral students the opportunity to develop their ability to take an ethical position in relation to their own research, as well as the ability to formulate, analyze, and critically reflect on issues pertaining to research ethics based on regulations and relevant literature. The course also raises participants' awareness of ethical questions, and developing a deeper understanding of both the wide-range of possibilities and limitations of research, and the role society and individual responsibility plays in relation to pedagogical and didactical phenomena and questions.

This course focuses on ethical dilemmas and considerations in research on educational phenomena. During the course we will analyze dissertations in relation to the ethical guidelines and laws governing research involving individuals and groups. We will also reflect on moral and ethical dilemmas in current educational research. Moreover the course will focus on how the research design in terms of theoretical perspectives, data construction, analytical premises and instruments used in many existing research traditions influence ethical issues. Finally the course will focus on how research based knowledge is received on different arenas and how it may influence different groups, social practices and potential areas of conflict with other forms of knowledge and experiences in society.

The course is offered in the form of compulsory seminars. The course is assessed through the seminars and an individual paper.

Study Period: Spring 2022
Form of Studies: Week 7-22 (25%)
Language of Instruction: English
Entry Requirements: Admitted to PhD-studies. Maximum number of participants is 20 and doctoral students at the Department of Education are given priority.
Application: The application period for Spring 2022 has closed
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Course Instructions:  Course Overview and Literature List Spring 2022 (61 Kb)
Course Instructors: Klas Roth, Max Scheja, and Rebecca Adami
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