During this course we will focus on the underlying concepts that have shaped research within the social sciences, and more specifically, pedagogical research.  Original hypotheses concerning society and individuals, language, symbols, and knowledge, as well as central phenomena within “education” are discussed from various theoretical perspectives and methodological traditions. Social Science research and views on credibility and validity in comparison to other research traditions will be a common thread throughout the course, as well as questions about how knowledge can be represented in language. Another focus will be on the relationship between design, data construction and analytical premises and instruments used in many existing research traditions, which will be presented in the course. This will be connected to the presentation of research journals of each research tradition, as well as examples of influential articles of each tradition. 

Study Period: Autumn 2021
Form of Studies: (50%)
Language of Instruction: English
Entry Requirements: Admitted to Phd-studies. A minimum of 5 enrolled students is necessary for the course to be offered. Doctoral students at the Department of Education are given priority.
Application: The application period is between March 15th-August 15th
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Additional Information: The next course will start Autumn 2021.
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Course Instructors: Anna-Lena Kempe Matilda Wiklund and Tore West
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