General information of the course

The course is distributed over 4 terms and includes theoretical as well as practical content. The course includes reflection over different approaches to research. The overarching aim of the course is that doctoral students will, based on Swedish regulations and policy, be able to develop their ability to formulate, analyse and problematise aspects with relevance for communication of research findings with society.

The course will provide opportunities for practicing different modes of communication, taking as point of departure the doctoral student’s own research project and develop a communication plan. Apart from outlining a communication plan, the course will provide opportunity for oral as well as written communication and discussion of own and others’ research findings from a popular scientific perspective in Swedish or English. The course puts an emphasis on both oral and written presentation modes of communication.

Note that the communication plan written for the doctoral student's final reading seminar also forms a part examination within this course. 

After finishing the course, the doctoral student will be able to:

  • Present and discuss research findings orally and in text in popular form in a way that shows insight into how their research may contribute to the development of the society and learning.
  • Distinguish, assess and evaluate the opportunities and obstacles of their research, its role in society and individual responsibility for how it is used in different forms/ fora.

Next study period: 

Autumn 2022

Form of Studies: 25%
Language of Instruction: English
Entry Requirements: The course is only offered to PhD students at the Department of Education. Maximum number of participants is 20 and the minimum is 5.

Applications are accepted between March 15th-August 14th, 2022.

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Course Instructors: Johanna Ringarp, Stefan Lund
Contact: For more information about administrative issues, please e-mail: