As a PhD student it is important to present and discuss research problems and results within the research society. One important arena for doing this is the research seminar. At the department there are about 15 different research seminars where researchers meet regularly to discuss issues related to their own interest. The aim of this course is to socialize PhD students in to the research seminar culture within the department and to create conditions for PhD students to be able to present their research at research conferences and thereby to prepare for being a part of the wider research society. After the course the PhD student should:

-          Present a self-written research paper in a research seminar at the department
-          Discuss the paper with other researchers at the seminar and
-          Make revisions in accordance with the comments and critique discussed in the seminar to be able to present the paper at a research conference

The PhD student is required to continually participate in at least one research seminar where the paper is presented. The PhD student is also responsible for writing their own paper, present it independently, discuss it and revise it so it could be considered a valid research paper.

The course is examined in three steps. Firstly, through a written draft presented at the seminar, secondly through the presentation and discussion within the seminar and finally through the revision of the paper until it is considered a valid conference paper.​

Study Period:

Autumn 2022
Spring 2023

Form of Studies: Week 36-2 (25%)
Week 4-23 (25%)
Language of Instruction: English
Entry Requirements: Admitted to PhD-studies. Maximum number of participants is 20 and doctoral students at the Department of Education are given priority.

Autumn 2022:

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Course Instructors: Camilla Thunborg
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