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Academic Literacy, 7.5 ECTS

Akademisk litteracitet, 7,5 hp


The purpose of the course is for PhD candidates to develop their academic literacy skills in general, and in relation to the different academic genres particular to their specific areas of educational research. During the course, doctoral students will learn to cooperate and communicate with academic colleagues in both written and oral forms. The doctoral candidates’ individual coursework will render a clear and well thought out strategy for academic publication. 

The course is divided into three parts involving different forms of assessment. The brief descriptions for each of the parts 

Part 1 (Autumn term with two parts): Publication strategy (3 ECTS) & Peer review process (3 ECTS)

Part 1.1   Publication strategy (3ECTS): Get to know the academic journals and their publications (facilitator: Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren)
The purpose of Part 1.1 is to help doctoral candidates to map the highly ranked journals in the field of educational research and to discuss the critical features of accepted publications containing empirical studies and review articles in those journals. Doctoral candidates will work together in small study groups (2-3 persons per group) focusing particularly on exploring the academic journals in educational research field and analyzing the publications in the journals. This component runs over the first two months during the autumn term and provides doctoral students with three meetings containing one lecture, one workshop and two seminars. 

Part 1.2  Peer review process (3 ECTS) (facilitator: Cormac Mc Grath)
This part of the course will focusses on the peer review process as a facet of academic literacy. The aim, more specifically is to introduce doctoral students to peer review, to enhance peer review practices as a way of understanding one’s own academic contribution in the broader context of the scientific community. 

Part 2 (Spring term): How do I get published (1,5 ECTS) (facilitator: Max Scheja):
This part of the course invites doctoral candidates to reflect on aspects relating to what matters in communicating research effectively. The course includes three seminars centering on different aspects of getting published.

Part 3 (Autumn term): meeting your superviors and aiming for your 50% seminar
The third part of the course is to let doctoral candidates meet with their supervisors to apply what they have learned from the course during the past year and aim for their 50% seminar of their PhD projects. There is no limit of the time plan for the third part, since it depends very much on each doctoral student’s research percentage and progress of the research project. The focus of this part is to write up an explicit publication plan in relation to the individual PhD project outlining how each PhD project’s research area and how the research project will be disseminated in different fora including journals and/or conferences. Presenting the publication plan at the 50% seminar and getting feedback from the readers.

Study Period:

Autumn 2022 (part 1)
Spring 2023 (part 2)

Form of Studies: Week 36-50, part 1 (25%)
Week 20-22, part 2 (25%)
Language of Instruction: English
Entry Requirements: The course is only offered to PhD students at the Department of Education. Maximum number of participants is 20 and the minimum is 5.
Application: The application period is open between March 15th- August 14th, 2022
Sign up Here: Click here to sign-up
Additional Information: Part 2, How do I get published, 1,5 ECTS begins Spring 2023

Schedule Autumn 2022

Course Instructions Academic literacy 2022 autumn description and literature (745 Kb)
Course Instructors: Cormac Mc Grath, Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren and Max Scheja
Contact: For more information about administrative issues, please e-mail: forskarutbildning@edu.su.se


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