This semester we will continue using the 8th edition of the course book by Newbold, Carlson & Thorne; Statistics for Business and Economics: Global Edition (with MyMathLab).

A new edition 9 of the book was recently made available through some outlets. The contents are the more or less the same although the page numbering differs. The newer edition also contains new end-of-section and end-of-chapter exercises, which most likely affects the enumeration of the exercises.

I recommend the older edition 8, which is the listed literature for this course. However, since the differences are not that extensive, either should do. Both editions provide online resources via MyMathLab, which you can choose to use, but we will not be using it actively in class.

Also, note that the course book by Bethlehem, Applied Survey Methods – A Statistical Perspective is available online and no cost through Stockholm University Library. Download each chapter separately via Stockholm University’s library; go to, and search the book title and/or author’s name. The book is expensive to buy! Furthermore, we will be using this book only briefly and in connection to one minor part of the course.

Michael Carlson, course coordinator and examiner