This is an introduction opportunity for university teachers who are curious about or who have already booked one of the university's new Active Learning Classrooms. The introductory sessions are given bilingually, i.e. in both Swedish and English.

Date Time Venue
13 Oct At 11—12 Campus Albano, House 4: Level 2, Zon L, Room 21


Here you will learn to:

●    Turn on the equipment
●    Hook up your own computer/device
●    Activate/de-activate ALC-mode
●    Share to all/some/no group screens
●    Share from a group screen to selected screens
●    Turn off everything in the room

We also talk about active learning and try out one or two activities that are particularly suitable for teaching in an Active Learning Classroom.

Bring your colleagues to upskill them, or come along yourself to learn more!


Registration for the session on Oct 13th at 11—12

Organizer is Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. E-mail:

Time doesn't work?

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