The course offers the opportunity to explore and try collaborative learning in an open online learning environment with colleagues from different universities, disciplines and cultures (nationally as well as internationally).

During spring 2022 there will be no ONL group formed at Stockholm University. It is howewer still possible to participate on the course as an open or independent learner.

Would you like to

  • Learn about how you can create collaborative and flexible learning environments online?
  • Learn about using Problem Based Learning in an open setting?
  • Extend your professional network?
  • Try different digital tools and methods in a pedagogical context?
  • Get updated on research and trends in online learning?

If yes – here’s a course for you!

The ONL course design builds on open, collaborative and networked learning practices and explores how a problem-based learning (PBL) format can be utilized in an online learning environment. The course pedagogy of ONL includes openness in the educational process, self-determined learning, a real purpose in the cooperative process, a supportive learning environment, collaborative assessment of learning, and, assessment and evaluation of the ongoing learning process. ONL, as a result of using these frameworks, creates an open, collaborative and online learning environment that helps developing a community of practice that can enhance learning in personal learning networks and environments.

Course Outline Spring 2022

During spring 2022 there will be no PBL group formed at Stockholm University. You can still participate as an open or independent learner.

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