Researchers in lab. Photo: Jens Olof Lasthein. Stockholm University

This course focuses on practical teaching and aims at postgraduate students and researchers with little or no experience of teaching within the Science Academic Area.


The course offers you an opportunity to develop skill and confidence in your teaching in science. After the course, participants will be able to:

  • discuss core concepts of teaching and learning in higher education
  • adhere to the relevant rules and regulations for teaching in Swedish higher education, in particular at Stockholm University
  • plan a teaching session to be carried out on a relevant course
  • reflect on their own conceptions of teaching and learning


The course consists of the following elements:

  • Discipline based education; teaching and learning in science
  • Planning your teaching
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Roles, ethical issues and security aspects

Disposition of the course

The course corresponds to 3 ECTS credits. The course includes five mandatory course days held on campus.The course meetings are at 10 – 15 o’clock, including a one-hour lunch break. Please observe that the last course day is between 9 -16.

In between course days, as well as before the first course day, the participant will perform home assignments and tasks. Therefore, remember to set aside time for this. During the course, there will be group discussions and group work. The course also includes a concluding oral presentation of some part of the planning assignment.

All participants who have completed all mandatory exercises and tasks as well as participated in all course days will gain a pass on the course. Absence from one of the five course days can be replaced by a written assignment. Any further absence requires re-registration for the entire course.

Further information about the course will be sent out approximately 2 weeks before the start of the course. Registration for the course can take place no later than 1 week before the first course day.


Schedule autumn 2022

Time Venue
6 Sep at 10-15 * Campus meeting, TBA
8 Sep at 10-15 * Campus meeting, TBA
13 Sep at 10-15 * Campus meeting, TBA
15 Sep at 10-15 * Campus meeting, TBA
20 Sep at 9 – 16 (please note the time) * Campus meeting, TBA
Venue/find your way to

* All course meetings are held on campus. Room To Be Announced

Course leader Veronica Flodin, Dept of Mathematics and Science Education
Course literature Morss, Kate, & Murray, Rowena, (2005) Teaching at University: A Guide for Postgraduates & Researchers, Sage (2005). Available as electronic book via Stockholm University Library.

Bilingual: The course is given in English. Participants who teach in Swedish are encouraged to discuss and write assignments in Swedish.

Course information in Swedish


Course certificate

Participants who achieve a Pass will be provided with a certificate that they can register at their department and append to future applications for appointments.


Terms and conditions: Participation is free of charge for all employees at Stockholm University. Your application is processed within a few working days and you will receive a message through the signup system with instructions on how to complete your registration. After that your registration is binding. In case of cancellation later than two weeks ahead of the course your department will be debited a cancellation fee of 2 000 SEK. By signing up you confirm that your registration is approved by the Head of (your) Department or equivalent.

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