Welcome to a workshop on teaching and learning with Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching (CeUL).

This workshop is aimed for university teachers at Stockholm University who want to develop digital examinations.

About the workshop

Through the examination, you as a teacher receive a receipt as to whether the course's learning activities have been sufficient to be able to achieve the course's goals. An examination can be carried out in many different ways, it can be written or oral, individual or in group. The most common is that the examination ends a course, but it can also take place continuously during the course to give the students formative feedback.

During this workshop, we focus on how you can examine your students with the digital support systems provided by Stockholm University.

During the workshop you will get:

  • A brief introduction to the university's new digital examination tool Inspera.
  • Participate in various learning activities and gain insight into how digital examinations can be conducted in an efficient and sustainable way.
  • Discuss and reflect on how you can develop your digital exams.
  • Concrete advice and tips on how to think when you transform your room exam into a legally secure and reliable digital home exam.



24 November 2022 at 9—12
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E-meeting via Zoom

To participate in the workshop you will need a computer with the Zoom e-meeting service installed (see guide on how to install and log into Zoom)  and a headset with microphone.

Workshop leader

Stefan Karlsson, Pedagogical developer at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences

Christine Storr, Lecturer at the Department of Law,

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An opportunity to explore and develop academic teaching skills that falls under category 4. Examiner.

The workshop offers tools and ideas for a professional approach to assessment and evaluation

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