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About the workshop

The Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) requests that equality between women and men must be taken into account and promoted in the processes at every level of the HEI’s organizations. Gender has also been discussed internationally in relation to higher education over decades. Vertical and horizontal gender segregation, glass ceilings or sticky floors are only some of the keywords in the policy debate on women and men in the university. However, much of the policy debate focuses on overarching, non-discipline specific issues. In this workshop we will highlight how gender can be understood as intersecting with disciplines in different ways, thereby illuminating what “a gender perspective” can mean for university teachers in different disciplines. The workshop leaders have their disciplinary belonging in different fields, Susanne in comparative education and  Anna in science education (with a background in physics).

In this workshop, we will discuss how gender (and other categories of difference) intersect with disciplinary practices and norms. We will provide a framework for reflecting on gender as not only related to the number of women and men, but as entangled with disciplinary cultures and disciplinary knowledge. How does gender matter in the teaching of history, physics, languages etc.? The workshop will take the participants’ experiences of teaching as a starting point for the workshop exercises. As such, participants will be able to contribute with their experiences of working with gender equality in their own disciplines. Obviously, integrating a gender content can look different in different fields. Working with gender sensitive teaching is, however, possible in all fields. Investigating teaching practices, developing a progression throughout programmes and taking (norm-) critical perspectives into account are some of the tools we have for such development work.

The purpose of this workshop is -in line with national initiatives for more equal participation, to discuss topics related to gender and teaching in higher education with a starting point in the experiences of the participants in their disciplines.



12 October 2022 at 13—16
Venue/ Find your way Department of Education. Frescativägen 54. Room 2503, Floor 5.
Workshop leader

Susanne Kreitz-Sandberg, Associate Professor at the Department of Education and Anna Danielsson, Professor at the Department of Teaching and Learning

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