Rolf was specialized in the theories of the Stockholm School of Economics and had close contacts with members of the school (Bertil Ohlin, Erik Lundberg and Gunnar Myrdal in particular). Rolf also published works on other prominent Swedish economists, i.e., Eli Heckscher, and on economists representing a Schumpeterian structural-analytical tradition in Sweden (mainly Johan Åkerman and Erik Dahmén). 
Rolf wrote his dissertation 1969 at the Northwestern University near Chicago. His topic was the emigration from Sweden to USA 1865-1900. Inspired by the counterfactual approach of New Economic History (Cliometrics) Rolf analysed how Swedish population would have grown without this emigration. 
Rolf’s had an unprecedented overview of the development of economics.  His colleagues could always count on Rolf’s willingness to share his knowledge reflecting his passion for economics and his generous personality. His collection of books, articles and other documents probably constituted the largest private library for economic studies in Sweden. The few correspondences today to Rolf’s scholarship are certainly a loss for Swedish economics. 

Lennart Erixon and Sten Nyberg