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B SENSE prototype Foto: Fatima Bayloun

Beanie for health monitoring

DSV student awarded third place in Ericsson Innovation Award for Internet of Things solution for remote monitoring in elderly care.

Portrait photo of Jelena Zdravkovic, new Head of Department at DSV/SU from 2022. Photo: Åse Karlén.

Jelena Zdravkovic new Head of Department

Jelena Zdravkovic is the new Head of Department and Panagiotis Papapetrou is the new Vice Head of Department at DSV since January 1, 2022.

Group photo: Meeting at DSV with the Ambassador of Rwanda to Sweden

Ambassador of Rwanda visits DSV

Digital health was on the agenda when the Ambassador of Rwanda to Sweden visited DSV at Stockholm University. The ongoing collaboration is financed by Sida.

Genre photo: Headphones on a floor with confetti, illustrating DSV's and Spotify's collaboration

DSV and Spotify in scientific collaboration

Three industrial doctoral students from Spotify study the future of machine learning together with researchers from DSV at Stockholm University.

Genre photo: a drone flying in over a city

Geopolitics, e-health and drones at popular hybrid conference

From national security to designs of the future, pregnancy apps, drone deliveries and smart cities. 650 participants from 45 countries got together at Digitalize in Stockholm 2021.

Collage photo of Rahmat Mulyana, Lazar Rusu and Erik Perjons at DSV, SU

DSV researchers wrote one of the most downloaded articles at AMCIS 2021

Among the many papers at the 2021 AMCIS conference, the contribution of Rahmat Mulyana, Lazar Rusu and Erik Perjons stood out.