Professor Hans Agné.

And why are other people, who also claim to defend democracy, prepared to transfer decision-making power to the relatively “undemocratic” international political level where “might trumps rights” and “West is the best” in many cases? This project explains these paradoxes and highlights new opportunities for democrats to achieve their goals by clarifying how democracy and global politics are intertwined and influence decisions at all levels. The knowledge is available in unpublished form or is spread between different publications and research programs in which I have participated for about ten years. To avail the knowledge for academic debate and political improvements, however, an extensive work of synthetization and book publication is needed. The specific purpose of this project is to provide just that, by developing, applying, and testing a theory of how global and international politics develop as a consequence of how democratic it is based on a fundamentally reconstructed concept of democracy. The issues explained in the planned monograph include war and peace, foreign policy strategies, migration among countries, economic resource allocation, politics of artificial intelligence, and the effectiveness of international institutions to protect the environment and human rights.

The research project is funded by RJ Sabbatical and project leader is Hans Agné.